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Cocomosaic Tiles are made from shells of natural coconuts that are abundant and found in many parts of Indonesia. Coconut shells are readily available and so far only a small portion of it has been used as a low economic solution. As Cocomosaic Tiles are produced from the fruit of the coconut tree, we are keeping the trees alive allowing them to produce even more fruit. By using Cocomosaic Tiles, we can create the interior style we are looking for while being environmentally conscious and active in our choices.
Social responsibility is one of our core values and the production process has been modified from a centralised process in a single factory to a distributed process. This has created many jobs for people in rural villages which are near to coconut plantations. The long term vision of this helps in many ways. It keeps employment in rural areas and reduces the need for people to move to the city causing overcrowding and it is educating people about GREEN - cottage concept in their own villages. This distributed production process also reduces the volume of coconuts that need to be transported to the factory for final processing as the processed shells make up only 5% of the total fruit. There are also programs in place to employ people with disabilities that optimise their potential by giving them equal opportunity to work in the team in processes that fit their abilities.


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